Touring On Your Bike – What Beginners Should Know

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Have you decided to go on a biking tour for the first time ever? The decision might have come because of the many good things you probably heard about bike tours, but you are probably still worried about how exactly to plan your tour. If so, there is nothing to worry about – everyone is a beginner at some point, and companies providing tour services are only happy to help you out with such issues. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Do you want to be guided or not? – the first thing a tour company will likely ask you is not where you wish to go, but usually, whether you prefer to have a tour guide with you or not. Many beginners, especially those with no experience whatsoever, prefer to get a tour guide to ride along with them on their first bike tour. Likewise, cyclists visiting popular tour locations, such as the Tour de France locations, will also prefer having a guide. That been said, there is no rule as to whether you should have a guide or not, but your preference. Do you prefer riding alone at your own pace? Or are you more prone to getting lost (and needing company in your travels)?
  • The bike paths – Europe is generally the best location to go on bike tours, if the world famous competitive tours as the Giro cycling tours area any indication. Of course, other countries in other locations of the world are also offering similar tours, but if you have a preference to ride on bike paths, at the moment, likely only a few European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands can offer you this service. Bike paths are designated roads for cyclists, and they have the advantage of being extremely safe and easy to understand if you are bad with directions.
  • Start practising – another helpful pointer that the tour company will likely tell you about is practice. You might be familiar with riding a bike already, and perhaps, you might ride it weekly. However, that level of familiarity with the bike is not going to help you on a tour – you need to start practising so that your muscles won’t be sore the very first day of your vacation tour. Ideally, companies suggest beginners to start practising their riding skills at least two months in advance, and they also suggest you try to cover at least half or more of the distance you will be supposed to cover during the tour.
  • Be realistic about your expectations – and lastly, do not forget that you are going on a vacation. As a beginner, you won’t be able to travel as far as more seasoned travellers, and being realistic about the tour distances and breaks you take will let you have a far more enjoyable experience than riding a long distance with no breaks for hours.

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