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From Rags To Riches At The Cheltenham Festival

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Four days of an inimitable flavour of fun; The Cheltenham Festival draws in a crowd of up to 200,000 of the most finely clad ladies and gents, expressing their thoughts on the four day event through their well thought out attire. The grandiose Cheltenham Festival that begins with Champion Day and culminates with the ever so looked forward to Cheltenham Gold Cup demands so little in the way of attire from each of its guests as there is no official dress code. However there is a hitherto widely accepted code of conduct when choosing what to wear for the day that holds horses in high esteem.

Ladies and Gentlemen attend the Festival with varying intentions, some just to enjoy a day out of the ordinary with family or friends to be enthralled by all the activity, some to see their investments in bear fruit and others to enjoy the mere exhilaration of dressing up. Here’s a look at what to expect in the fashion world of the Cheltenham Festival.

No Dress Code? No problem.

If you think about it, what you choose to wear for this festival of horse racing at its best is a true form of art allowing you the leave way and liberation to wear what defines you as a person in the most bold or elegant manner you deem fit for the occasion. And here’s a riveting fact; there’s a day that is, more or less, devoutly devoted to the sheer appreciation of the female guests’ fashion choice. Ladies Day, some might call it sexist, others may call it compensation for years of suppression while others see it as just a bit of fun. Ladies Day is the third day of the event where the Best Dressed Lady is rewarded £10,000. The lucky lady of the day could invest her money in a range of beautifully bold hats or even some racehorse shares for sale and enjoy the exhilaration of owning and making a potential profit out of any wins or placings the racehorse may secure, contact best agents.

Even with the lack of a dress code the attendees take on an elegant approach with an exception of a few over the top accessories. As the Cheltenham Festival takes place when the weather is unpredictable and bordering on freezing the attending Ladies and Gentlemen of the affair in question wear heavy materials like tweed, cashmere, crepe, wool, brocade and the likes.

A hat for all seasons

If a lady’s fashion ensemble at the Cheltenham Festival were wildlife in the animal kingdom then her hat would take pride of place as the Lion of her well thought out attire. The accessory for all seasons, the hat, sits pretty on each and every ladies crown at this Festival, like a centerpiece on a dining table. Therefore choose a hat to center the rest of your dress around, a hat that is as beautifully bold as it is strikingly simple and one that’ll make your outfit a cohesive collaboration in all its grace.