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Post Pregnancy Strength Training And Workout

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Undeniably, when a baby is born, it leaves a birth on the mother’s body. However, this does not mean that a mother who has gained weight post pregnancy will not be able to regain back into the shape she was before pregnancy.

Many women get worried when they look at their post pregnancy belly. Yet there is nothing to get so worried about because with the help of strength training, a woman will be able to come back into shape quicker.

You need not get dejected watching your body. With the help of the right post pregnancy exercise you can get back in shape faster. Several women have opted for strength training as it helps in building a leaner body mass and helps in enhancing metabolism of the body. Strength training is quite beneficial as it helps to increase ligament, muscle and tendon. It provides flexibility, enhances body strength, density of the bone, rate of metabolism, and helps in toning the body and postural support.

Strength training of the lower and the upper body is vital after pregnancy as it helps your body to get back into its pre-pregnancy state sooner. There are different kinds of training exercises you can opt for. But select the ones you are comfortable with.

When you are starting with the training program, make sure that you dedicate about thirty to forty-five minutes, at least four times a week. You should do it as though you are enjoying it and not dreading it. Exercise means that it should invigorate your system, your body, soul and mind and to get you back into shape.

At the stage of pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of transformation. The muscle groups which get extremely tight at the stage of pregnancy are the following:

• Back side of the neck

• Thigh

• Shoulders

• Hip flexors

• Lower section of the back

• Chest

The muscle group which weakens is the following:

• Buttocks

• Muscle of the upper back area

• Abdominal wall

• Frontal area of the neck

• Rotators of the shoulders

• Pelvic floor

You need to pay attention towards strength training of the abdomen. Abdominal compressions and pelvic tilts exercises have been especially been recommended by American Council on Exercise before you head for the crunches or sit up sessions. When you are going to start the pelvic tilts lie down on the floor on your back. Then rest on your hands and arms on both side of your body. Towards the ceiling, gradually arch the hips and start squeezing the glutes. You need to focus on drawing the navel to the spine and pull the abdomen a little tightly.